The first eco-production
polyester fiber in Central

Polyester tape

Modern technologies, Italian equipment, experienced professionals — all this guarantees high quality of our products. Eko-Plastex company offers our clients professional advice on the choice and use of PET tape.

  • PET packing tape is designed for strapping and securing heavy loads, building materials, boxes, and containers and is a good alternative to steel tape.
  • PET tape has a breaking load comparable to that of a steel tape, while it has elastic stretchability (PET tape can withstand up to 1000 kg).
  • Resistant to dynamic loads and behaves better when deforming and changing the size of package load (reduces the cost of packaging by 20 – 30%).
  • PET packaging tape does not damage cargo surface, which allows in most cases to refuse from using protective corners.
  • PET tape is convenient for work during transportation and storage (weight of PET tapes’ packing is 7 times lower than that of competitors; absence of sharp edges excludes the possibility of cuts).

These features make PET tape the perfect strapping material.

Our company produces PET tape with a corrugated and smooth surface, made on modern equipment of “SIMAGROUP” brand (Italy).


Technical specifications







9,5 0,65 220
12 0,60 270
12 0,80 300
15 0,85 550
16 1,00 680
19 0,80 800
21 1,20 1100